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Faszin's 3A Hair Shield Tech


Faszin IonPeak System, featuring built-in high concentration ion generator, which can release tens of millions of negative ions, 95% of frizz and flyaway problems are effectively reduced, ensuring every session produces a silky smooth shine result.


Faszin HeatSyncX, an instant temperature compensation system consisting of high-precision sensors that monitor temperature 60 times per second, and Faszin HeatShotZ rapid heat-up units for precise adjustments, ensures even heat distribution and prevents your hair from extreme heat damage.


Crafted with aerospace-grade smooth glide titanium plate, our product offers smoother styling than standard ceramic plates. Even after 20,000 repeated strokes, it won't burden your hair. Achieve effortless, silky-smooth styles without tugging, while preventing damage from tangles, dryness, and harsh handling.

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Brand Story

Faszin's story begins with founder Eric Ye, who had long witnessed his wife Brianna's struggle to style her frizzy hair without damaging it. To help her break the cycle of unsatisfying purchases, Eric decided to create his own line of styling tools.

At the time, most styling brands were focused on efficiency and convenience, without considering damage prevention or hair texture. In particular, the market lacked solutions for coarse and frizzy hair.

After intensive research, Eric finally launched a straightener that could achieve smooth, sleek styles — the first product under the Faszin brand. Faszin continued to expand its product line and inspire brands throughout the industry to prioritize damage prevention. To this day, Faszin remains committed to bringing the zero-damage hair styling philosophy to beauty lovers worldwide.

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